The Youth and Education of Jose Rizal

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Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda, with the nickname "Pepe," was born on the 19th of July 1861 Calamba, Laguna. She seventh eleven brothers, two men and nine women. His father, Francisco Mercado Rizal, a Chinese-Filipino, was a wealthy landowner and tagatanim sugar. His mother also, Teodora Alonzo y Quintos, was one of the best women at that time nakapagaral. When he was just a kid, Pepe was demonstrated from different Aspects. Three year old just nakapagaral Joseph alphabet. When I was five years old, he surprised family with His wisdom and His excellence in drawing pictures and pagmodel of clay. He wrote His very first poem, "In My Unofficial, "When he was eight years old. Early Learning (Jao) Si Teodora Morales Alonso y Quintos Realonda, His mother, was the first teacher of Rizal and he taught him the alphabet, Decency, prayers, and stories pagrosaryo (example: "Sometimes there is a moth). discovers Here Rizal writing talent. Rizal had the tutor as Maestro Celestino, Maestro Lucas Padua and Leon Monroy, a friend of Francisco Mercado, Rizal's father. died When Leon Monroy, Rizal's parents decided to put him in formal schools. His formal education was also Presented by Justiniano Aquino Cruz, who lived in Binan, Laguna. Cruz taught him reading, writing and speaking Latin. Rizal saw and school being smart, and he became best kid in the class. Because They have large collection of books in the library THEIR classroom, after school, Rizal had read the book . A bad experience experienced by Rizal When he was at school early acceptance of the mast almost every day from His classmates, even a good child. Based on His record day, a bad effect on him and difficult to study U a smart kid if he is namamalo classmates. consequently, he did graduate studies at school and went back to Manila to Calamba. ago few months, he advised to study in Manila. High Studies (Javison) After Jose Rizal's education in Quezon City, he went to Ateneo, Called Ateneo de Manila was, and there he attended. Has He tests the ground. natutuo But even more When Rizal

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from the education system is still not satisfied Hesuita Rizal, he never still're content. thuS, after His studies in Ateneo he went to the University of Santo Tomas. Did you know the age he graduated in Manila? He was 16 years old When He graduated from the Ateneo. And UST, Rizal took Philosophy, and he was a great student in this field. However, His mother fell ill eye, Which is why he Retrieved up selling medicine. But Because of the discrimination of the Spanish priest who taught him that he had not finished the course. However, as became an eye doctor Several years after Rizal. DeLeon-Mia-


Rizal study in Europe (Quirby)

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Unknown to His parents, Jose Rizal traveled Towards Madrid in May 1882. He attended the University of Medicine Central de Madrid, where he earned a degree, "Licentiate in Medicine." He hahahhhahahahahahhaha english continued at Tagalog His bwhahahhahahahahahhaha studies Kaka lado! at the University of Parizzzzz and the University of Heidelbergz . There he Received a second doctoratez. In additionz, he shared as a member of Berlinz and the Berlinz Anthropologicalz Societyz ethologicalz Societyz. In continuingag this, he has a speech in Germanyz is expressed about lenguaheng Filipino. He also had left a poem named " A las flores del Heidelberg. " emphasize its status of national and harmony. And age twenty-five, he nakapagspecialize eye treatment. With the help of professor, Otto Becker, he used this knowledge to maoperahan His mother. Of the whole, great Jose Rizal, not only in writing but also in Various Aspects of life.

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